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Our History

# Our history is very simple.
# We started our garment business from-1992. Through our buying house ”AL-GILANI FASHION AND TEXTILE”

# We face lot of challenges but we overcome all the situation.
# Now,we have an establishment for producing the customer
required Garment.

# ”AL-GILANI FASHION AND TEXTILE” Is our marketing unit.
# Today,We have sourcing team for yarn,local/import fabric.
# Merchandising-Quality control team for quality/timley delivery .
# We produce all knit fabric from our knitting and dying unit.
# We produce garment from our cutting/sewing/finishing unit.
# we produce knit & woven trouser from our factories unit.
# We produce sweater from our associate unit.
# We produce All over fabric print from our associate unit.
# we produce screen print and emberoidery from our factories.
# We develop design and sample from our sample unit.
# We like to work with our customer long year.

# This is our family business, We like to Enjoy the business together.

Md. Basedur Rahman Chowdhury
MAIL: basedur@algilani13.com
MOB: +8801713015993, +8801976799994